A video of two older woman flying for the first time has gone viral on YouTube and has been shared throughout the world over the past couple of days. This makes you wonder, why would two old elderly women be viral?  A site called Firsts.com specializes in helping people do things they've always wanted to do for the first time. So when 72 year old, An, and 78 year old, Ria, asked the site to help them travel on a airplane for the first time they said YES! in an instant, but the two ladies are total opposites. An has a deep fear of airplanes and flying and finds them very frightening and dangerous. Ria, on the other hand, has no fear when face obstacles and says,"She's going to have to push An to face her fear". With a great amount of humor and heartwarming morality, this video shows how the two older women prepare themselves for the trip they have waited their whole lives for and standing by each other as they take a flight to Barcelona. While watching the video, you can't help, but find the two ladies being absolutely adorable as you see their reactions to the new technology they have never been exposed to before and the joy they feel from facing a new experience they have been waiting their whole lives. This video is sure to put a smile on your face and make you fall in love with these two beautiful ladies. Don't believe us, see for yourself: