This week photographer Tavares and I had the pleasure linking up with Artist Mickey Taelor who happens to be a very unique and talented singer who, like all great artists working hard is what she is best at, not to mention how she killed this shoot! This week it is all about finding yourself in the weirdest things!

Styling kimonos I must say is very effortless, here we have Mickey rocking a halter crop top with her favorite pair of shorts, which I must say is one of my favorite looks, thanks to this komono kutie for making it look so artful.

Being confident and comfortable is the best kind of style! Here we have Mickey rocking your favorite summer colors.

Before you go any further...
Weird clothing makes you feel weird, right?
But what about those pieces that are weird but you come to find out you can pull them off and turn into your favorite outfit! Here we have a bright blue kiss dress from “NastyGal”, giving Mickey that sexy yet fashion classy look.
P.S. Don’t be afraid of a bold lip.

Fashion is so many differents things but it comes down to how you style it. Being a little weird, wearing different patterns, layering like crazy, wearing over sized clothing!
Be who you already are with a dash of spunk!
Sometimes wearing what you never saw yourself wearing opens your eyes to loving something different by just giving it a chance!
Expand your closet options…
Do it!
I dare you!

Here we have Mickey being herself as Tavares snaps a quick photo.

Mickey was so much fun to work with, nothing but good vibes! Make sure to check her next show! Follow her on social media to get all the details @MickeyTaelor !Such an amazing person, not to mention very unique and talented!

 Being a stylist is more than putting an outfit together, it is about putting everything aside and allowing your artistic side of you to take over, it is about creating art and putting all of your teams talent and yours on a person, using your dreams and painting a beautiful picture.
Get your canvas ready!...
Until next time fashioniastas!

Photographer/Artist : Tavares Shirley (
Makeup Artist: Dreanna Nichele (

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