Fashion Blog: Thursdays Gone Wild!

J.Marilynn Fashion Blog

This week we must focus more on being ourselves, even if it’s a little weird! Why not show our true colors? I mean it’s not that bad, right?

Soup of the Day

Campbell’s Chill out soup.

Alyssa, we want seconds.

Bad Boy for life

Spencer keeping it weird by rocking a leather jacket shirtless.

Can you guess the color?

Who said wearing pajama bottoms were not fashion? I mean do you see anything wrong? Ladies??? Tip: If ladies want to pull off sweats, make sure to throw on your favorite pair of heels!

Black lipstick and a black corset, wild child Alyssa pulls it off with class.

Only the coolest weirdos wear their bikinis as tops!

To make it a more fashionable outfit, just make sure you layer.

Photographer: Tavares Shirley
Male Model: Spencer Eugene
Female Model: Alyssa Monaye
Makeup Artist: Nia C.

Here is a picture of Crystal and I rocking our one of a kind Beyonce “Drunk in Love” shirts!

Your Tip-Sy tip is, it is okay to wear similar clothing when you are hanging out with your girls, you just have to make sure to wear it different and put your own style! Make it weird! Chances are someone else will see your outfit and fall in (drunk in love) and mimic it!

Want to get a little personal? Here is what my week looked like…

America’s Next Top Model’s very own Marvin Cortes stopped by for a local charity event! We even had our own mini (Iphone) photo shoot!

Follow him at your own risk… @marvincortes1 ###HashTag### #sofashionbyjmarilynn To share your #ootd

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photographer: @ol_man_t
Female Model: @alyssamonaye

P.S very thankful to have an amazing photographer who adapts what I see and for putting it on a beautiful frame! Working as a team always works out better!

Oh yea, have a fashionable day and see you on the next blog!