Below is my outfit of the day!

Hey everyone! Today is a sunny beautiful day so i decided to wear less clothing! Jean shorts, crop top, simple gold accessories and a flannel to throw some color in there and of course light natural makeup! If you guys have any questions, need tips? or just want to comment your positive thoughts feel free to leave them behind! This blog is focused a little bit more on less clothing so brace yourself! Enjoy and see you on the next blog!!!!!!

Remember to always be confident, comfortable and fashionable!

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 79°F on Trendy Tuesday

Almost time to bring out them shorts! Trick question, is jean on jean too much? Of course not! This goes for both men and women. Jean will never be out of style, Its almost like a love hate relationship, (well at least for me). Always make sure you wear the kind of jean material that compliments your body! Here we have a casual everyday outfit for this perfect weather,

•Lace white bra
•Oversize (dance until dawn) tank
•High waisted jean shorts
•Brown belt
•Jean vest
•Brown combat boots

Photograph by: Tavares Shirley
Fashion Model: Cynthia Pacheco

Dress it up!

Look classy wearing cheetah print! Going on a date during the day? Or having a few drinks with your girlfriends? Here is an outfit you can easily mimic! What kind of shoes?...Be creative!

P.s don’t forget to accessorize! .

Photographer: Alex Perales
Fashion Model: Stephanie Purkis
Makeup: Callie Allen
Clothing: Souldout Clothing

                     Fashion for Men

Alright men, time to pay attention to these easy instructions!

• One, walk to your closet
• Take out any tee shirts you guys think are out of style or raggedy looking
• Grab a pair of scissors Now time for some fashion and cut your sleeves off! Yes you heard right, cut your sleeves off and feel that breeze coming in!

This style is very much in for men and women. (Hint) Ladies love this look!

Photographer : Tavares Shirley
Male Model : Spencer Eugene

                         Tip-sy Tuesday

Sometimes when a women is beautiful,you forget to look at the work she puts in an outfit, acknowledge that some women are beautiful not only for their beauty, but for how they dress themselves.

That being said… Secrets don’t make friends right? Well the secret to this “Pop Up Art” shirt and black top is very simple! First of all,they are SCARFS!!!! I know what your thinking, scarfs?

YES! All I did was tie a knot in the center and pulled it back tightly. Pretty easy right? Ladies time to grab those favorite scarfs of yours.


• Spread the front out to cover all of the bra
• Double tie the back (triple if needed)
• Wear a nude bando under
• If it gets chilly wear a thick jacket, otherwise you will have a big bump on the back            

                        “Pop Art”


Photographer: Tavares Shirley
Fashion Model: Alyssa Guttierez
Makeup : Nia C.
Clothing : Chicas Boutiqe

"Black and Gold"

                                        Photographer: Alex Perales Fashion
Model: Stephanie Purkis
Makeup : Callie Allen

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