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Tuesday is here, and you have no idea what you are going to wear, perhaps you have a dinner date? Hanging out with the girls? Going to catch the latest movie on theater? Hmm I know, are you a lucky listener that won B.O.B tickets for tonight? Will I see you there? Lets play dress up! Jmarilynn wants to style YOU, so have a seat, pay very close attention to our first dress up date! For those of you going to tonight, Here are a couple options for you! P.S look up top!

• Black leggings
• Loose tops (anycolor)
• Black & White Blazer
• Accessories (lots of them)
• Colored heels (remember you will be standing)

Photo Credit: Jamal Becton

Skater Leather skirts are definitely in style right now! So why not go for it and wear them! So easy to match
• White lace long sleeve
• Gold accessories
• Nude heels
Tip: Colored lipstick!

Photo Credit: Jamal Becton

 Same Style, Different Look
• Plain black crop top
• Red leather skater skirt
• A bold black necklace (giving you a sexy, but classy, look)!

Photo Credit: Tavares Shirley

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Tip-sy Tuesday

Your Tip of the day, is to simply wear comfortable shoes no matter where you are heading to! Tonight is a tad different. Everyone will go to impress, I mean, you should right? Not over the top but you still have to look your best, even if it takes an hour more! Just remember to be confident and comfortable, on the other hand, you know what they say… "Beauty is Pain”.

P.S Don’t forget to throw on your favorite accessories!

Here is a picture of B.O.B and I couple years back, can you tell styles can be changed? Remember to always be open minded about what you wear (with moderation of course).

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See you on the next blog My Fashionistas!

Rumor is, clips are next!