Hard Rock Pool Party Express Wear to Palm Springs!

Palm Springs? Yes!
Where YOU and your friends need to be!
When? Sunday June 22
With Who? Oh you know KGGI family and LMFAO’s very own SKY BLU!
What are you going to wear?
Have no idea? Well don’t worry, look below!

I know what you are thinking, pool time equals to bathing suits, which every summer I try to avoid as much as possible! But what we forget sometimes is these things people like to call “cover ups”! Don’t know how to wear one?
Well you are in luck!

Model and Makeup Artist Dreanna Nichele had a mini photo shoot to show you how to look styling while rocking different “cover ups”.

See you on the other side…in other words see you on the express bus!:)


“Back On Black”


Showing off your tattoos the right way is always a “Turn on”, at least that’s what I hear!


Love black, but wanting some color?


Yellow is a tricky color, have to be the right color skin! Or you can just wear the right color “cover up”...duh!


“Queen of Prints”

Mixing prints can be a little tricky TIP: Take or have someone take a picture, trust me you then will see.


 “Dangerously In Love”

 Get inspired!
And let’s head out to Palm Springs together while you can!
P.S. Who ever said you had to buy “cover ups” on the swim suit wear part of the store.

Get creative!
Be inspired!
Be fashion!
Be stylish!
Like Rachel Zoe always says, “Live In Style”.