Stylist Marilyn Jasmine LookBook

“Flannel Life”

Yes I know what you are thinking, “very trendy” “everyone has them” but do they style them the way you do? Time to get creative, who knows maybe you will start a new trend! Here we have Model Alyssa rocking an over sized flannel with high knee socks, Smile for a picture!

“Sexiness In the Heel”

VERY IMPORTANT: Ladies NEVER, I repeat NEVER wear flats to a bar/club show of your legs whether you are short or tall thick or skinny. Men love it when you are confident in those heels.
If you know you are going to be dying at the end of the night make sure you sit often or have a few drinks to not feel the pain!
Every woman needs a pair or heels!
Evey women need a comfortable pair as well. Shoes are a very important part of an outfit, they are the reason why you either look dressy, sexy, classy, ratchet (yes I just said ratchet) make sure you choose those heels right!
Like my Grandma says,” walk straight, suck it in, and one foot in front of the other when you walk”.

“The Right One”

For the ladies with small breast (like myself) very important we get a bra that fits what we are wearing, now I am not saying go get a Double D cup and stuff, I am simply talking about getting something that is comfortable and that compliments you, a nice push up bra with a little padding is good! I know I need a little push!

Like they say somewhere in this world, “ a friend is like a good bra: hard to find, comfortable, supportive, always lifts you up, makes you look better, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, and always close to your heart”

99.1 KGGI After Hours Street Wear!

 Brooke Reese rocking the stripes on a beautiful sunny day with her favorite pair of gladiator sandals giving you that girly classy look!

Kid giving us that swagged out outfit, which according to him took a good five minutes to layer the right amount of clothing to fit his 90’s Style.

Stylist Marilyn Jasmine walking the streets of downtown after a RADD event hosted by BeazieBeats!

Talented and beautiful Crystal Perez looking good as she poses for a quick picture while enjoying a good cup of ice cream Downtown Riverside.

All pictures taken by: Tavares Shirley
InstaGram: @Tavaresashanti

(well the ones that look professional) 

Make up Done by: Nia C.

Until next time fashionistas!