Hey Fashionistas!

This week we wanted to show you guys classy yet sexy with a budget!
Being “drunk in love” can get expensive
but, in this place...it is the complete opposite!

Can you guess what item was only $3?

How about now?

Alright Alright ill tell you!... But first, doesn’t she look stunning wearing a beautiful bold pink diamond necklace, that match perfect with these open toe heels, not to mention the way her curves fit perfect in a $3 black dress?!!

Breath taking I must say!

Ladies, remember that you can still be classy and sexy by showing some skin! Don’t be afraid!
But if you have to question whether it is too much, chances are, it probably is!

P.S Never I repeat, NEVER forget to add ACCESSORIES!!
Don’t have any? 
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All makeup done by the amazing beautiful great friend of mine @deenichele

All of the photos taken by the greatest of them all @tavaresashanti

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