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“Vintage Gone Sexy”

Hey fashionistas!
This week it is all about being “sexy” and “vintage”!
How? That’s easy, look below!






Be sexy!
Be vintage!
Be bold!
Be fashion!
I support that!

Don’t let the word “vintage” bring you down!
Think of it as being “classic”.
Sometimes vintage clothing can be a little weird to dress especially if you want to be sexy.
Have you heard of the word “compromise”?
Do it!
Button down that shirt and wear a sexy lace bra underneath.
Button your shirt, wear tight shorts,
tuck it in with your favorite pair of heels!
Too loose?
Grab scissors…
Collar or sleeves, take your pick!
Don’t worry you can pull this off!
All you have to do is be confident enough,
feel sexy,
be sexy,
don’t act like you don’t practice in the mirror!
I know I do! Practice makes perfect!
live in style,and your own twist.

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Photographer @tavaresashanti

Makeup artist @deenichele