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  • Slanted Truth Tank
  • High waisted jean shorts (my favorite)
  • Long double colored cardigan
  • Simple accessories

What is Slanted Truth?

Local clothing brand, Slanted Truth is a reminder that everything we’ve learned throughout our history has been reduced to a fraction of the truth.

Pop Quiz!
Does warm weather mean you can not be fashionable? Of course not! Just because it is hot outside does not mean you have to stop trying, be fashion, be stylish ,but most importantly be comfortable &confident! Throwing your hair up in a bun, braid or ponytail is all fashion just depending what your outfit looks like.


Beautiful floral fitted dress with a leather jacket and a one of a kind Slated Truth Hat is perfect keep in mind you might get hot so, ladies pull out that good strapless bra!

Tip: Try not to show your bra Straps unless intended


Model: Valerie Berkes @ValerieBerkes   

 Who is Tavares Shirley?

 Photographer, Filmmaker, Painter, Artist, Most importantly TEAM PLAYER.

 Big thank you to Mr. Tavares for working hard on the pictures he takes for Fashion Blog! Make sure you follow him on social media @tavares_shirley  




Here are a few of my fashion model’s with Tavares Shirley.


To my fashionistas out there, just because it is getting a little warmer out there does not mean you can not be fashionable!


Some of us like to hide from the sun, I know I do! Completely fine! Here is an outfit that take no more than five minutes, best part is,you can be simple with accessories since its way to hot sometimes, just make sure to have that over sized purse!

  • Sheer Green Pants
  • Black Crop Top
  • Sunglasses
  • Summer Hat
  • Simple accessories
  • Over Sized Purse





Model: Valerie Berkes
All makeup presented by, Nia C.
Follow her on Instagram @niamya_muartistry
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 Behind The Scenes of the "Summer Looks" Photoshoot