Who ever made up the rule about stripes making you look “fat” is obviously lying! Do not believe them for just one second! I mean take a look, what do you think?
P.S It is all in your head don’t over think an outfit just wear it, rock it and be comfortable! Make sure what you wear compliments your body, yea it’s cute but does it work for you? Working with stripes can either been fun or a pain! check out these looks made just for you, with the help of the amazing photographer Tavares Shirley, ENJOY!

Tip: Have fun with it! Wear a bold lipstick, or crazy colorful shoes!

Here we have a skin tight black shirt with a perfect pair of striped old school shorts. If you want to show more skin (for a club) make it a crop top!
You can easily wear a black, red, or a royal blue top.
Going to dinner? Throw on a loose top that covers ur buttocks and lightly tuck in the front!
Simply, easy, fast but most importantly, stylish!

If you are a girly girl, this outfit is simply made just for you! Rock a skater colored skirt with a striped crop top! Throw on your favorite pair of wedges and walk in a room with all the confidence as you rock the stripes!

One of my favorites Sweaters! Baggy boyish look with a gold/black chain, stating women are bad ass too! Bottoms? You can wear them with jean cut off shorts or a pair of you favorite black leggings!

Wearing stripes can be tricky but it can also be fun! Remember to always be open minded with what you wear, tomorrow I say you wear something that has been sitting in your closet, you bought it for a reason right? What is that reason? JMarilynn wants to help you! Lets be fashion besties? Deal! Until next time fashionistas ! P.S just wear it!

Tip Of The Day: No matter how much your feet hurt,never complain! Just rock it, like they say "Beauty Is Pain" dont let that stop you from wearing the cutest shoes ever!

Photographer: Tavares Shirley

All make up done by Nia C.