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(Yahoo!) - Clearly, Chris Brown and Drake still have some personal issues to work out. However, both performers were on the same side when it came to the dismissal of a $16 million lawsuit with Entertainment Enterprises.

The entertainment company owns Greenhouse, the New York nightclub next door to the smaller W.i.P., where Drake and Brown's entourages engaged in a bloody bottle battle last June. Entertainment Enterprises hoped the judge would rule the musicians responsible for the financial hit Greenhouse took in the wake of the incident.

However, New York Supreme Court Judge Anil Singh ruled Entertainment Enterprises had no grounds to sue because the musicians have no direct responsibility to the club not to fight, TMZ reported.

"Unfortunately, brawls in bars and night clubs are commonplace," Singh told Brown and Drake's lawyers. "In fact, they occurred in the past at Greenhouse."

Before the judge rendered his verdict, Drake announced that it's not his fault that the media reported the incident so heavily that potential patrons may have avoided the club after the brawl took place.

Eight people were reportedly cut in the scuffle, including San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker, who required surgery for an eye injury caused by broken glass and filed his own $20 million lawsuit as a result. An Australian tourist required 16 stitches for cuts to her face and head.


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