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Paramore's latest video is breaking records by breaking records. 

According to, the trio's clip for "Ain't It Fun" sets the mark for most records broken in a music video. 

Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York recently teamed up with the website to find ten very specific records they could break.  Some of the feats they conquered on film included fastest time to smash 30 clocks with guitars, longest scream while riding in a convertible, and the fastest time to run backwards holding stuffed animals while blindfolded.  They even literally break records in their successful attempt to break the most vinyl records in one minute. 

"Ain't It Fun" comes from Paramore's fourth self-titled album, which the Nashville group released last year.  They're set to bring it on the road again this summer for a joint tour with Fall Out Boy that starts June 19th in Hartford, Connecticut.

Watch Paramore breaks some records in their music video for "Ain't It Fun" below!