This morning 6 water wells have been shut down in the city of Hemet, due to Nitrate levels being too high.

Water sample results received Wednesday morning, May 7, showed nitrate levels of 47 milligrams per liter. That is slightly above the state’s maximum contaminant level of 45 milligrams per liter.

The struggle. =/

Hemet Public Works Director Kris Jensen said the wells have been shut down, flushed and the water already retested.

She said nitrates dissipate quickly and it’s unlikely any of the tainted water made it to customers.

“It’s out of the system right now. It’s gone,” she said Wednesday afternoon.


Romero Valencia, 49, who was playing soccer with daughter Andrea, 5, at Hemet's Mary Henley Park on Wednesday evening, said he's not particularly concerned about the warning.

“I buy bottled water. I don't use tap,” he said.

But he is concerned about our changing environment.

“In this time, everybody is concerned about the water, the air; there's a lot of contamination,” he said. “I'm worried because the world is changing.”

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