Senator Norma J. Torres will be hosting a Free Tax Return Event with VITA in the city of Fontana. Last month’s event, was such a great success as neighbors were able to  avoid the high-costs associated with a private tax preparer. For instance, a family of four saved over $600 from the previous year in 2012 just on filing their taxes.


This is the last event Senator Torres will be providing before the filing date in April. We thank all those who have reached out to the community, and we are asking once again to help those families in need by sharing within your network of this free service; either by sharing through your personal contacts and/or through a social media outlet.


Should there be any other question, or to RSVP, please have those interested call Senator Torres’ office.






Ever wanted to so the Tour De France?


Well, you can start here in the IE! Start with the 30th Redlands Bicycle Classic This year’s event, is set for April 2-6. Professional and amateur cyclists take on the grueling event, but there’s room for those just starting out, with separate races for riders as young as 3. Free if you register at and take a short health quiz.