Animal testing happens EVERY SINGLE DAY, around the clock, to all types of animals... BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Now, i will admit, for YEARS i used brands that i had no clue were apart of animal testing! When the term "animal testing" came up, i thought " Oh, they just  use soft brushes on them and test our eye shadow colors like when i go in for a make-over at the mall" WRONG!!!

These poor animals are treated HORRIBLY. It's the saddest thing. AND FOR WHAT? For Botox? For anti-Wrinkle cream? For long-lasting color? SMH.

Once you know better...DO BETTER.

60% of what we put on our skin ( our LARGEST organ) goes into our bodies.

I now only use 2 types of make-up and it's sparingly, and they are Vegan, NOT animal tested and Toxin-Free.

You Might Say "But They'Re More Expensive" You'Re Right. So Buy Less Make-Up.

You don't need all those products. I have about 10 products TOTAL. I am on camera, on stage and in the public eye... if i can do it so can you.


Here are two pretty graphic videos of what goes on behind the scenes that make-up companies don't want you to know about:

 Here, a woman VOLUNTEERED to be treated as an animal would be for the sake of ANIMAL testing, in a display window for Lush Cosmetics

(LUSH--Who does NOT test on animals---Which is one of the brands i use)


Here's a great explaination of how this all works:



And this is what ANIMALS look like while being tested:

(Looks just like how they treated that poor woman in the 1st vid right?)


for a complete listing of make-up brands that do and DO NOT test on animals: