Ah, roommates from hell. We've have heard stories which is why we live alone--until we're married with children RIGHT?, that is, which makes college dorm life seem like a cakewalk. At any rate, Marie Clair has kindly taken the time to come up with 16 signs that you're the worst roommate ever. Here are eight of the most resonant ones (click on the link for the full list):

1.You have sex with the door open while your roommate's in the living room.
2.Your idea of cleaning up is putting the cap back on the orange juice.
3.You move your boyfriend in without talking to your roommate first.
4.You always eat your roommate's leftovers.
5.You just bought a new pair of shoes, but can't make rent.
6.You host huge ragers while she's sick in bed.
7.You never remove the wad of gross hair from the shower drain.
8.You steal her clothes without asking