Let me begin by saying this: FOR YEARS I was the girl who said "new year, new me!" or "This will be the year I lose weight for good and get healthy." And year after year, month after month, I would fail. I know what it's like to feel DEFEATED by being unhealthy. Another summer missed hiding in over sized tees and NO bikini, another Christmas on a "diet" and another New Years making the SAME resolution over and over again. I got to a point where I thought I would never get up OUT of. I had gained 100 pounds by the time I graduated College, was diagnosed with a LARGE (cancerous) Ovarian Cyst and Diabetes. I was 26, living a very fast life (aren't we all?). I knew this couldn't be my life... I started praying, God gave me the option of FAITH. I started my walk with Him on July 24, 2012 and have not turned back since. I did not have surgery, or take any pills... in 10 months, I lost 100 pounds and am now ILLNESS FREE! It is possible, I am living proof, that God provides us with exactly what we need, we just need to seek Him first.


I titled this journey: The Purpose Project. I wrote a short book explaining what  I did, how I stayed motivated and how hard it was. But a year later, I am still trucking along the same HEALTHY path, have NOT broken my new "diet" which is really my way of life now. And have maintained my health and weight loss. I strive DAILY to help others find their Purpose while working towards bettering themselves. Matter of fact, I'm on tour! I speak to middle school, high school, & college students about Faith, Food and Fitness. I started a non profit this year JUST for this cause! It's not an easy battle, but know you aren't alone... here is some motivation! Make sure you follow me on IG, I post recipes, motivation an light for your day to day!