I was at Michael's IN Moreno Valley Saturday and this beautiful girl was ready to snap a flick with me. Thank you Vanessa! for stopping by!

Thank you to everyone who came by! I got to meet so many amazing students from Valley View High School, thank you to everyone who came!!! 

Than on sunday, I had my 1st ever #CookingWithAPurpose class! it was SOLD OUT!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am so grateful! here's a quick recap!

It meant THE WORLD to me that these 2 have stuck by my side in everything venture I've ever had. They weren't always successful, but their support is all I could ever ask for. Today, I know I made them proud. My Mom cried a few times during #CookingWithAPurpose seeing their smiles means everything. Here I am, 27, Author, Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker and YESTERDAY? Holistic Chef....