Diana Wehbe

GENIUS!!! How did he do this????

Boston Blizzard Challenge: FAIL.

Police beating leads to miscarriage

21 Christians beheaded in Libya

Mom's & Dad's to-be, who you want this?

Fifty Shades endorses sexual violence?

Diana Wehbe

Diana Wehbe, Radio Personality and Author, can be heard live on air world wide on IHeartRadio and 99.1 KGGI from 6am-2pm Monday through Friday. Diana; hard worker with an even bigger heart for the community works day and night to help those around her. In 2012 she under went immense struggle with her health as she battled an over sized and possibly Cancerous Ovarian Cyst and Type 2 Diabetes. Rather than succumbing to depression, anxiety or defeat, she turned to Prayer. She learned through Prayer to find Patience in her fight ahead, she changed her Diet along with her surroundings, her levels of stress and her priorities. Months later to find that she had over-come Diabetes and the fear of cancer in her ovary had dissolved, along with this incredible miracle, she lost 100 pounds in a span of 10 months. Leading her to her Purpose� THIS foundation. She wrote her first self-help book titled: The Purpose Project,along with her on going book tour The Purpose Tour which educates and inspires students and families alike to change the way they are living and the way they look at Faith, Food and Fitness.


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