I love this! Now, the past week has been SO interesting, scary, concerning, and powerful in Ferguson, MO.
But, police haven't been letting media come and show what is happening, film, record etc... So we've been left to IG pics and hear say from other people to figure out what the heck is going on. Most of hte things we witness are negative in depicting the people ( ex; looting, fighting, shooting, yelling etc)


Perhaps those were the reactions of the people in the very beginning, but now, it's been some time and peace has come over the people in Ferguson, MO, thank God.


In reality, it was never about anger or a non peaceful protest for the people of Ferguson, MO as i'm sure it wouldn't be for us here in CA. It would be about ONE THING... JUSTICE, PEACE and EQUALITY of the RIGHT to LIFE for all. 

This is a great video documenting the status of Ferguson, MO currently.

No hate, no crime, no fights, no killing... just life and love amongst the people. Which i think we can all agree, that's what we want. God willing, we will have that.


And the only issues that did arise, it was amazing to see the people hash them out on their own.... peacefully. No cops needed. No "man-handling." 

Let's continue to be a people that care enough to help each other in moments of disparity.