Update from VATICAN CITY 


Pope Francis asked people to join him in prayer Aug. 19 after he learned that two of his little great nephews and their mother had died in a car crash in Argentina and his nephew was in critical condition.


My Take: For a man who does so much for the people, his life is always tried and tested... God's Chosen are always under change, growth and pain. I've learned this lesson and am still learning it, pain leads to purpose and growth. Lack of pain does not equal happiness. I've found that my most happy times were times after the hardest trials of my life. The greatest joy come from the greatest pains. Learning to love and be in gratitude to God for all of those days bad and good ( as difficult as that is) is the way to true happiness and joy. Prayers up for our Pope Francis. we love you and thank you for your continued strength, work and prayers for us and our children. We pray for those you have lost and know that God works in their souls and those of their family as well. Amen.