WHO: Fontana Unified School District

WHAT: Protest at school board meeting because money is being spent needlessly without taking into consideration what the children need as we began our new common core program (newly adopted state standards).  This is under the direction of the new Superintendent, Boozer who was hired with the stipulation of having a two year mentor to help guide her.  Why all these changes that seem to forget about what is important in a school....the STUDENTS!    

WHEN: 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7

WHERE: 9680 Citrus Avenue Fontana, CA  92335

WHY: Fontana's class sizes are growing, class electives are being removed, no new textbooks (Some subjects are 12 years old), teachers being removed from campuses and Pink Slipped while the District Office offers 11 new positions totaling more than $1,000,000.  Teachers are told there is no money for teaching resources.  Seven years without a raise for teachers while the district now demands longer work hours, larger class sizes, and extreme standards.  Meanwhile, District Office officials are granted raises ranging from 10% - 23%.  As teachers watch their class size and work days grow; the Districts plan remains stagnant. 
CONTACT:   Spokes person Sue Felt, Fontana Teacher Association President 909-829-0940