If you haven't heard what's going on in Ferguson, MO... Here's an update.



On Saturday, 17 year old Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer. He was leaving Walmart, he was carrying no weapon. 

The story from witnesses differs GREATLY from the story the police are releasing.

At this time, the police are saying they are still investigating how this fatal and disturbing incident occurred.

There have been riots, shootings and looting in the city since. The pictures and video are so disturbing and take you to another time in history.

My take:

To The family of Mike Brown, I cannot do anything but pray for the family and friends of our lost brother, and the many others we lose every day.

To the police officer, I pray that God has mercy on you for what you have done in a split second decision. I pray for the rest of the force that they soften their hearts on the basis of race, stereotype and gender. I pray for the renewing of peace you officers are supposed to help bring to our communities, not fear. Most would rather deal with their own terrifying circumstances than call upon you because you do a lot of unnecessary harm to our children. Really think about that, you became an officer of the law for a reason... you wanted to serve and HELP... not kill and hurt. FIX THAT. 

To the people of Missouri, i pray that you will calm down and be at peace. STAND at peace. Do not RIOT IN ANGER. ANGER with ANGER only produces death not change. STAND do not sit, but STAND in peace knowing that you standing and not resting will provocke change in your inner cities for your children.