here is the full report, according to CNN:

It has been a VERY heavy few weeks. Between Mike Brown's fatal shooting in MO, to Robin Williams brutal passing, riots, looting and ISIS. But this, stirs the soul to action... many have responded in anger, frustration in additional bloodshed to this breaking news story of journalist James Wright Foley beheaded by ISIS forces. 

My Take:

Whether you believe this to be true or not... acts like this have happened in the past and continue to happen today. It's difficult to wrap our brains and hearts around malicious acts of violence, but they happen EVERYDAY. Mostly in other countries, and MOST of the time unless you know someone in that country you don't hear the full truth. BUT, only when it hits home do we as Americans usually take notice and stop for 3 seconds from our extremely busy schedules to care for what is going on. 

I post this to draw attention to not only America, but to our WORLD as a whole. We have to pray for our people. TOO many are suffering, unheard, unseen and unaccounted for. No matter American, Chinese, Muslim, British, Italian etc... we are ALL God's children. Black, brown, yellow, white or green we all deserve a life in peace, love and a place to raise our children joyously. We were put here to thrive and God shed blood for us to live and laugh in love. Not kill, harm, scorn, behead, shoot, rape and torture one another over money, land, politics, skin color, religion etc. It HAS to stop. 

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. - MLK.