Anyone else been noticing some strange things going on with our weather, bugs, water and food?

here's a GREAT article explaining the WHY... the next question is "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP?"


GMO's create the following issues:

 Superbugs and Superweeds

Kill Bees and Butterflies

Farmers Can’t Harvest Seeds

Cross-Pollination Contaminates Regular Crops

It’s Illegal to Accidentally Grow a GM Plant

Increased Suicide Rates

Little Government Oversight

Revolving Door between Government and Biotech Workers

Harm Biodiversity

Distract from Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Technologies

Many complain, talk with their friends about "conspiracy" and the such, but now that this information is readily available and openly discussed in most circles... what's YOUR next step?


I have started gardening on my own. That's my step. Along with my entire non profit team, we go and plant organic gardens in communities that need and request them.