Urban dictionary defines IKEA as " a giant maze with furniture inside of it". Recognizing that navigating the Swedish furniture retailer is a hellish experience, Buzzfeed has now compiled a list of 50 thoughts that everyone has had while shopping at IKEA. Here are 10 that are sure to sound familiar if you've ever suffered a trip there to buy a bed that comes in a million pieces.

  1. I want to be in and out in 30 minutes.
  2. Why are there so many children here? This isn't a playground.
  3. Note to self: I am only here for a coffee table
  4. Why must I go through this maze.
  5. Is that just a guy wearing a yellow shirt or does he work here?
  6. How is this only $25?
  7. Maybe I don't need a bed. I could just sleep on a mattress.
  8. This checkout line is 17 miles long.
  9. I hope this is easy to assemble.
  10. I wish every IKEA had a monkey with a fur coat.

For the complete liste click on this Buzzfeed link.