We've all been that person or heard someone taking a picture mention that the camera adds a few pounds, but what if there were a way to reverse that?!  Introducing the $0.99 app called SkinneePix that cuts 5, 10, or 15 lbs out of your pictures! 

As the creator of SkinneePix Susan Green told The Huffington Post, "You've always heard about the camera adding 15 pounds, we just wanted to level the playing field." 

[Full Story: HuffPost]

YES! Level the playing field! EXACTLY!! But wait... can I still use a filter or is that taking my alterations too far?? lol

Can't you already hear the conversations between ladies, "So, should I take off 10 or 15 lbs in this picture?"

If this is something you have to see to believe... CHECK IT OUT!