Grantland put together this hilarious and pretty accurate list of top R&B artists that will help get you laid! Is your favorite artist on the list?

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10. Babyface. Probability of Sex: 23 percent. “But if your partner leaves you, there is a 100 percent chance he or she comes back if you play’When Can I See You.’”

9. Tyrese, 44 percent. “Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.”

8. Justin Timberlake, 50 percent. “I didn’t think I’d ever see him recover from those cornrows. What spirit, what perseverance he’s shown.”

7. Robin Thicke, 62 percent. “He was polite and smelled very good and smiled a lot and did this thing where, when he was really proud of an answer he was giving, he would lean forward and place his right hand on his left hand and angle his elbow out. But that’s not what I remember most. What I remember most is how aggressively women threw themselves at Thicke.”

6. Jon B, 65 percent. “Jon B. is the coolest non-black R&B singer of all time. Nobody did more for interracial relationships than Jon B.”

5. Jodeci, 82 percent. “Perfection.”

4. R. Kelly, 84 percent. “There’s a very real possibility this number is all the way wrong if you’re hoping to have sex with a real, actual woman. But if you’re hoping to have sex with me, it is spot-on.

3. D’Angelo, 90 percent. “I can’t even look directly at pictures of D’Angelo from the ’90s. It’s like being an arm’s length away from the sun. What a work of art.”

2. Ginuwine, 91 percent. “When I die I’m walking right past the pearly gates and up to God and high-fiving him for making Ginuwine, because he got that one all the way right.”

1. Prince. Probability of Sex: Bro. “Just go ahead and start your registry at Babies ‘R’ Us, because you’re getting, like, five or six people pregnant.”