Hi Lovebirds!  

[Mushy-faces. Chris, my hubby, me and our littlest one, Cassie on Valentine's Day]

Did you have a fantastic weekend?!  What was that??  You are still enjoying your weekend?? OH!  That's right, it was a 3-day weekend, wasn't it? Well, since I had to work this fine Monday morning (not complaining), I thought I would share my 2-day weekend with you, since it was pretty cool.

Here's a cute gallery of my weekend fun which included V-Day, Filming a TV show for my new restaurant opening in late March (YES!! That is really happeing!!), a Blood Cancer conference, my daddy's birthday, & a preview party for and IE favorite and good friend of mine, comedian Steve Trevino!!  Never a dull moment, in my house.   Thanks for caring and joining me for the ride!