[I love how this little cutie just keeps on eating her crackers like nothing is happening beneath her.  LOL]

The struggle is real with this one.  Ok, the video above is definitely not my kid, but I can relate to this mother on many levels.  Here I am, three kids in, and struggling like it's the first time I've potty trained a kid!  I remember when I was potty training my first baby girl, Juju, it was a breeze!  She took to it and has been accident free since.  She's 11 now, so that's a good thing. My son Aiden who is 5 now, was a lot tougher.  People would tell me, "It's a boy thing" and "Boys are just harder," but I wasn't buying it.  He eventually let go of the "pull-ups" when I started using the "Potty Time" app on our iPad. But still, the damage was done and I was feeling like a failure.  Guess what?? 


[This is my daughter, Cassie, about a year ago... When we first started trying to potty train.  Hard to get upset with a face like that, huh?]

Before you start bragging about how your kids were potty trained by 18 months, let me stop you.  I'm already feeling bad enough, geez.  This time my struggle is a different one.  My youngest daughter, Cassie, is extremely smart, knows how to go the potty and use it, but is still refusing from time to time.  Do you know why?  She is the B-A-B-Y and LOVES it.  A normal problem, right?!  Am I failing as a mother... AGAIN?!  OK, I know each kid has their own timeline, but if you have any potty training tips that could help parents like me (I KNOW there has to be others feeling the pains of the potty too... right??) please share!