A California state assemblywoman's proposal to give impoverished parents $80 a month to pay for diapers is being met with skepticism by fiscal conservatives. But are diapers the key to lifting parents out of poverty? Diapers cost about $100 a month and can't be purchased with food stamps. Meanwhile, even though some poor parents get assistance with day care--a necessary step toward finishing their education or landing a job--most day care facilities require parents to furnish diapers. "I want people to work. I want to take away barriers to work," says assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who's sponsoring the diaper-assistance bill. "To access child care, you have to have diapers." [Full Story: LA TIMES]

What do you think about this assemblywoman's proposal?  Is this the "key to lifting parents out of poverty"?  Thoughts??

[Photo: Pixabay]