So Funny and SO TRUE!!

Obviously, we can't believe everything we see in the movies--especially Disney fairy tales, but we all do anyway! BuzzFeed has compiled a list of "18 Lies Disney Told Us About Romance" and I had to share.  Let's begin with The Lady and the Tramp.  The movie makes eating in an alley look romantic, but in real life, your dreamy dinner will be ruined by a homeless guy.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, meanwhile, showed that your significant other will be totally cool with all of your roommates, and while most Disney tales seem to be based on the myth that a relationship based on a lie can still turn out well (I'm looking at you, Little Mermaid) we will all still believe it could happen... because it's Disney!  (They have magic!)

Here are a few more untruths Disney taught us:

◦Getting kissed by a stranger while you're asleep is romantic.
◦You can imprison a woman in your house and then court her.
◦Beauty is only skin deep.
◦Jungles are romantic.
◦Being nice, not good-looking, is what gets you the girl.
◦You can fall in love with a person after just one dance.
◦A poor guy can win over a princess.
◦Rich and powerful men are all ridiculously good-looking.