[Johnathan Schmidt-Mug shot-Riverside County Sheriff Department]

OMG. You guys are so funny!  I've been sent the above mug shot of this man from Lake Elsinore a few times since yesterday, with accompanying comments like... "Evelyn??? Don't you know this guy?!" and "This guy must really like you LMFAO."  Or this one... "At least this 'Winner' got ONE decent tattoo."  No, people.  I don't know him now, nor did I ever.  I'm sure there's a really nice other Evelyn out there that really loves that mustache tat, though. 

[The full story about why this guy is in the news this week can be found in the Press Enterprise]

Ps... I love that you guys get my sense of humor and knew that this picture would make me bust up. xo, ev