People think you get a raise by asking for one, when really, you get a raise by earning it. That means laying the groundwork long before it's time to meet with the boss over money, you know, planting the seeds! Here, Marie Claire outlines the five things every employee should do to guarantee getting a raise down the road:

  • 1. Schedule regular meetings with your boss. Ask your employer to have coffee once a month, and use that time to ask for career advice and ways to improve your performance.
  • 2. Summarize your workweek. Every Friday, e-mail your boss a quick, bullet-pointed account of what you did that week.
  • 3. Meet others in the company for coffee, too. This will allow you to network inside the company. Try scheduling coffees with people two levels above you in the company hierarchy.
  • 4. Stay positive. Nobody wants to promote a whiner.
  • 5. Ask for what you want. Follow the above pointers for three months, then schedule a meeting with your boss to talk about a raise. If you don't get one then, ask about following up in another three to six months.

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