There's nothing quite like being a teacher. And the only people who really know what it's like are other teachers. Hence, Buzzfeed has come up with a list of 33 things that all teachers will understand. Here are the top 10 (click on link for full list):

  1. Students who demand your attention before a sufficient amount of caffeine has been consumed.
  2. Parents who think their children can do no wrong.
  3. Trying not to laugh when a student says something hilarious but completely inappropriate.
  4. When all of your students are giggling and you have no idea why.
  5. Realizing that there definitely is such a thing as a stupid question.
  6. Still acting like a teacher when you're supposed to be acting like a normal human being.
  7. Running into students in the worst possible places.
  8. Getting the flu and going to work anyway.
  9. Meeting people who get paid more than you to do easier jobs than yours.
  10. Trying not to cry in front of your class when a struggling student finally gets their head around the thing you’ve been trying to teach them for the last nine months.

Full Story: BuzzFeed

[Photo: Pixabay]