Before Take Off, Justin Bieber Gets Searched For Hours! 

As I mentioned this morning, Justin Bieber is now on the Homeland Security watchlist for two on going criminal cases. U.S. Customs searched him for hours before leaving to New Jersey from Canada.  Bummer, Bieber. [Full Story:TMZ]

Shout Out to KATY PERRY!

Katy Perry is now the most popular person on Social Media. She has reached 50 million followers on Twitter, She gained 800,000 twitter followers after her 'Dark Horse' performance at the Grammys! [Full Story:Refinery29]

Speaking of Twitter, Katy's man, John Mayer is back on the social micro-blogging site!

Yesterday was COURT day (Court is the BuzzWord of the Day) for a few of our favorite or formally favorite (depending on who you are) stars.

A judge is allowing Chris Brown to stay in rehab rather than go to jail - TMZ

And... CeeLo is still dealing with felony drug charges - TMZ