Forget The Hat... What About Those Fangs?!

[Photo: Interscope]

Is Pharrell... A Vampire?

Yeah, there are actually people who are seriously wondering whether or not the "Happy" artist's secret to his youthful appearance is immortality.  Seriously.  Go and Google "Is Pharrell Williams a Vampire" and see what happens.  Anyway, when asked in a recent interview whether or not we was in fact a vampire, here's how he responded: 

“No I am not. I’m willing to go on record as saying that I don’t drink people’s blood. How do I stay so young-looking for a 40-year-old? I wash my face.” - Timeout UK 

Well, ok fine.  So, he's not a vampire.  Is it strange that I'm a little disappointed?

Vampire or not, he did share with the world that his next project, a solo album titled G I R L, on March 3rd.

[Source: MTV]