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Yesterday, Juju (my 11 year old) informed me that there were "special people" at her school to talk with them about a student who passed away over the weekend, Mother's Day, in fact.  Heartbreaking.  What's a mommy to do when your child tells you something like this?  I asked her if she knew the student and she said, "Yes.  Julius was one of the 'Little Buddies' my class has."  Juju is a 5th grader and is a "Big Buddy" to a second grade class. She went on to add that the strangest part to her was that on Friday (last week) she and a few others had been making (paper) frogs with him... She said, "They told us he died after he hit his head, while he was looking for frogs in a creek." Oh, my. Hugs. 

I know she's in shock, and because of the "strange" (in her words) coincidence of the frogs, this is something she will never forget, but I can't even begin to imagine what the family is going through.  We said a special prayer for them last night and sent our prayers to the teachers and students that got to know Julius too.  I'm certain this is something we will be talking about in my house for a while and I want to say thank you to her school for sending home a "How To" on handling talking to your kids about things like this when the unimaginable happens, because it was helpful.  

The family needs the most support, though.

There has been a fundraiser set up to help with costs associated with the untimely passing of this sweet little angel, Julius Hart Ronstadt Medina

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Have you ever had to talk to your kids about this?  How did you handle it?

From my daughter's school: