[Photo: Scottsdale PD]

What would you do if you were in this woman's shoes? 

Shanesha Taylor, a homeless woman from Scottsdale, AZ has been arrested for leaving her kids, 2 years &  6 months old, in a locked car while she interviewed for a job.  Her story has ripped at the heart strings of those who can understand her situation of trying to find a job to support her family and having no one to watch her kids while she went on job interviews.  But it's also has caused much outrage from those who are furious a mother would ever leave her children in a hot car with only the windows cracked.  

Either way, her story has since gone viral and has grabbed the attention of people from all over the country.  A site raising money to help her with her legal fees has, according to CBS, raised over $80,000 for the family.