If you think you're leading your child to success by helping them with their homework, think again. Two researchers have found that parents who help their kids with classwork can actually hurt their academic achievement.

“We need to do away with the assumption that anything parents do will help. That assumes that parents have all the answers, and parents do not have all the answers,” Angel L. Harris, one of the scholars, says. [Full Story: Today]

That  makes sense to me!  For me and my kids, I notice that I've been taught one way of doing something, like maybe a math problem, and their teacher is teaching them a completely different way.  Then, I end up feeling like I just confused them more. This is more the situation with my 5th grader... who hardly needs my help anyway. lol 

As for my Kindergartener, Can someone help ME figure out how to get him to just WANT to do his homework?  That's more of a struggle for us. 

So... what IS a parent to do to help with the academics?  According to these findings, reading with your children, expecting him or her to go to college, and regularly discussing school activities with your kiddos works pretty well.