You mean there's more than JUST drinking vodka?!? Apparently so, because here are 17 unusual OTHER useful uses for vodka...

Remove a Band-Aid with NO pain: Soak a cotton ball with vodka, then saturate the bandage; the vodka will dissolve the adhesive.

Add some to your shampoo: You can fight oil buildup with just an added ounce of that stuff to your bottle of shampoo.

Make cold sores vanish: Saturate a cotton swab with vodka and dab it on that cold sore to help it heal faster.

Make your own Febreze: Put some in a spray bottle, sprtiz it on your clothes, and hang them to dry in a ventilated area. Because vodka is so strong, it kills odor-causing bacteria.

Make your own reusable ice pack: Put ½ cup of vodka and ½ cup of water into a zip-close freezer bag, and freeze for an ice pack. You can use it over & over.

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(Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed)