Ohhhh she's just being Miley! & that means being controversial and pushing the envelope once again. This time it actually wasn't some overly sexualized performance or a crazy video...this time it was an "acceptance speech". While attending the MTV EMA's in Amsterdam this past weekend, Miley Cyrus beat out Justin Timberlake (“Mirrors” ), Lady Gaga (“Applause” ), Robin Thicke  ( “Blurred Lines” ft. T.I. & Pharrell) and Thirty Seconds To Mars  (“Up In The Air”) with her video for "Wrecking Ball". So how does she choose to accept her award??

By pulling out a blunt from her purse & lighting it up on stage of course! LOL Just watch...

Girl be on a roll lately. What's going to be next?? We really have NO idea when it comes to this girl. I don't know if we can be shocked anymore. What do YOU think of her shenanigans at the EMA's??

(Photo screenshot courtesy of YouTube)