The 4th of July is here!! So here's a quick reminder, 6 in fact, of why you SHOULDN'T waste your time taking pictures of the fireworks display you'll be heading to see...

  1. Nobody Cares: about a lackluster photograph taken from a small lens on your phone!
  2. Nobody Will Ever See Them: Except you, because you took it!
  3. You're No Ansel Adams: unless you have a professional camera with professional equipment set up in the perfect spot, we wouldn't hold our breath!
  4. You're Drunk: Ya...self explanatory!
  5. Are You Dumb?: Trying to capture the beauty and magnitude of fireworks with your phone is like trying to make the sun rise by blowing on the moon!
  6. Enjoy the Moment: YES, people get so caught up in "trying" to capture magnificent effect of fireworks that they forget to enjoy the show themselves...idiots!

Sad...but true! So...don't be THAT person, & ENJOY the show!! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY people!