Does somebody's height or name really make them more prone to stray? Relationship website YourTango has compiled a list of nine people who are likely to cheat, based on several surveys and "scientific" studies. Whether you agree or not, here are the culprits:
  • Tall Guys. A recent study from extra-marital dating site revealed that dudes over 5'10" are twice as likely to cheat on their partner. Knew they were up to no good up there...
  • Rock n' Roll Fans. Another survey from found that 41 percent of cheaters prefer rock music to all other genres. 
  • The French. According to luxury sex toy brand LELO,  who surveyed the globe about bedroom habits, 75 percent of the French admit to cheating. 
  • Blonde Women. A survey found that 42 percent of cheating women have blonde hair. Meanwhile, only 11 percent of women with black hair are cheaters. 
  • Twitter Users. Research from the University of Missouri shows those who tweet cheat. The more often a person uses Twitter, the more often they have relationship conflicts, like affairs.
  • Female Teachers. According to a survey of its users, the typical cheating wife is likely to be a teacher. 
  • Shopaholics. AshleyMadison also revealed that their typical, adulterous female user is a serious shopper. More than a third of the women surveyed said they spend more on their appearance since they started cheating. 
  • Guys Who Work in IT. Don't be fooled by their soft hoodies, hipster glasses and patience when it comes to restoring your iPhone -- these guys are sneaky, cheating hubbies.
  • Guys Named Wayne. An easy giveaway he's sleeping with someone else? His name. A study of 2,000 women found Wayne ranked as the least trustworthy name in love. 

Are there any truth to these?? Source..