Went to Disneyland last night and since I have an annual pass I might as well go as often as I can. Got a chance to explore some things including the Disneyland Museum. Or should I say baby museum. I checked out a couple of bookstores and the history of Walt Disney. I don't know if you know this or not but this guy is a genius. Or was. I looked at pictures from back in the day in 1953 when Disneyland first opened.

Below is an actual picture of the blueprint of Disneyland when it first opened back then. As you could see the Jungle Cruise, Mark Twain boat and the Utopia cars ride were one of the first rides to ever exist.

Walt Disney had an idea to make Main St similar to his hometown were he grew up. It's crazy because I love going back into history and looking at photos and video from what was then comparing it to what is now. It's just simply amazing.

I hope you enjoy the pics and share what some of your best experiences are from Disneyland.