My friend and his wife experienced a life changing situation in the last 2 weeks. Their baby girl Jhene Amerie was born prematurely, in which both Mother and Daughter were affected with complications at the time of delivery.


I spoke to my boy Kareem last night for a full run down on their situation. It's not good but definitely getting better as each day passes. Jhene is coming around by the grace of God. My heart goes out to him and his family during this time of healing and prayer.

For more on little Jhene Amerie, you can visit and even donate HERE.

Sidenote: Kareem is not just a great father but also works with the community HEAVILY!!!! During the day he helps out low income families during tax season for the IE and has organized fundraising events involving High School and Middle Schools in the Inland Empire. Honored to call him my young bro. Love.