So last night as soon as I got off work I headed straight to Orange County after picking up the family for some hot fun at the OC fair. As soon as we entered this was my sunset view pulling up.

 After entering the fairgrounds we wasted no time and headed straight for the rides. I must admit, some of these rides need a sound check for abusive language in their music. Let's remember it's a "family" environment. The ticket prices weren't really that bad considering I had four with me. About an hour in, I noticed a game that I always and have to play every time I go to the fair. The shoot a basket to win a prize game. Well let's just say I spent no more than 1 basketball try at it before hitting the shot dead center. My prize... a pink bear!! lol

This was a perfect summer night that I had worked so hard to get out of the office for. Very well worth it and these are the times to share with fam which means the most. #Memories

 Oh I almost forgot about the grub we ate. Man ain't no food like the fair food. BBQ Ribs right off the grill and the biggest corn dogs you can imagine lol.