Pulled up to the Honda Center last night around 7:30pm to watch Drake's Would You Like A Tour concert in OC.  As I walked through the halls I heard Future just about done with his last song.

After a short intermission it was time for Miguel to hit the stage. Miguel came out with his rocker attire singing his lungs out as he performed all of hits such as, Sure Thing, All I Want Is You and of course Adorn. His set lasted about 30 minutes which was perfect. There was another short intermission and then Drake came on. I got to give it to Drake, he's one of the few rappers who can come out and kill the crowd without dancers or any hype man. It was all him for a good hour and a half. He started out with his new album Nothing Was The Same and performed some of those songs first. He said to the crowd, "I just wanted to test things out to see who really knew my new stuff".

During the middle of his set he launched onto this O shaped riser over the crowd which covered pretty much half of the Honda Center. Screaming fans were going nuts as he was about 100 feet from them shouting people out by their types of clothes, posters and so forth. Last song of the night was Started From  The Bottom as he thanked OC for having him back since the "last time when he opened up for Snoop Dogg and now he's on his own tour".