Men start to lose their sex appeal and become "invisible" to women at the age of 39, according to a new survey. Most women (62 percent) say that the main reason is because they assume that men are already attached at that point and therefore aren't worth approaching. However, women also cite thinning hair and double chins as huge turn-offs in aging guys. To put things in perspective, famous men who are currently on the brink of 40 include Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham.

Well..this means you have a couple of options. Hit the gym and get rid of the double chin and start eating healthier. We know it takes patience and dedication at the age of 39, especially when it's harder to lose. OR make yourself look MORE available and shorten the shorts so ladies catch the "BOLGEness" and won't turn away ever!! lol.


Biggest age difference you'd consider in a relationship??